Free Spirited

We were in Atimonan, Quezon (Philippines) on our way back home from a short visit to my father when I noticed some kids playing in the beach along the way.  I requested our driver to stop for a few minutes as I wanted to take some snaps.

I got off the van and approached the kids.  When they saw me that I have camera with me, they started to show off by jumping from the old dock on to the water.  It was a sight to enjoy but my challenge was, it was a gloomy day and they were positioned facing back where the somber sunlight is coming from.  I was supposed to request them to jump on the other side instead but I welcomed the challenge.  Well, what I really want to capture is the rawness of the scenes.


Hong Kong in Passing

It was in 2014 when I regained my momentum in photography.  Little by little, I am shifting my focus and attention to street photography – I had a tried it in 2013 with photos in my initial post here.  From trying the flowers, portraiture, macros and some other genre, suddenly I am longing to take a plunge into the streets.

It was also in 2014 when we spent our annual holiday in Hong Kong for 8 days, although I was a bit disappointed since I can’t take more photos as my family is always in a hurry but I have to remind myself that we were there to enjoy our vacation and not for the purpose of street photography.  We left the place still with a heavy heart.  Nevertheless I had convinced my wife that we will be back there soon.

Latest update, hopefully in 2018. 🙂


Testing The Waters

My first try of street photography back in August, 2013.

How many times I have thought of doing this, but could not find the guts to do it specially when you are in the place where there are prohibitions and restrictions.  Part of me is telling to do it and the other part is shutting me off.
But finally, I gave it a try.

Street Scenes Through My Lens

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